About me

No much to say, really. I'm Simone from Italy (better known online as Raz) and I am a freelancer web designer & mostly Frontend developer. I have a strong passion for tech in general and I am an old gamer (by the actual standards πŸ§“) - I love the rogue like genre, arcade, hack'n'slash (Diablo, anyone?) and obviously the goods olds FPS like CS, COD (yeah, COD is getting better).

Let's jump to the question I'll eventually have to answer:

Why keyboards and keycaps?

Why not? πŸ±β€πŸ‘€

One of my first encounters with a mechanical keyboard was circa 1995, when my dad brought home our first personal computer: it was an IBM Model M. Growing older I moved to mainstream keyboards and then I snatched a PS2 Filco Majestouch with NKRO.

Filco Majestouch

Now I buy custom things, recolored switches, and expensive abs plastic like all of you guys 😎

Why a website?

Cause I want to share with you my works! One of my hobbies is photography (and I studied it too) but I had nothing to shoot for during the 2020 March lockdown; that's why I started learning Blender. The next thing I remember, I was modeling GMK caps and working on my first keyset GMK Avanguardia. You can expect me to sometimes update the website with my new projects but if you want to get more involved or chit chat during the day, I am part of Clicky Clack Club (Italian mech community) and I have opened just now - at the time I am writing down this page - a personal Discord server.

If you're curious, this website is built on top of Gridsome and it's completely free of any tracking crap like Google Analytics. Feel free to check the source code πŸ€–

What about now?

I am waiting for GMK Avanguardia to go GB soonβ„’; meanwhile I am helping people from the community getting some works done by rendering and creating stuff. I am always open to commissions as this is my actual side job! You can contact me on Discord or via mail, you can find the contacts at the end of this page πŸ‘½

PS: my English is like the one of your 4-year-old cousin, so contact me for corrections, I'll be forever grateful to you!

PPS: if you find any bugs, see above πŸ€–