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April 26, 2020

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GMK Avanguardia


The GB will run from the 15th of December to the 15th of January! We are setting up the prices and there will be a collaboration with Artkey for a good looking artisan. More to come in the next days, until then there are official proxies for the US and Oceania too. They are Vala Supply and Switchkeys and I'm very happy to work with them!

Proxy Recap

Region Vendor
Europe Candykeys
Asia iLumkb
Canada Deskhero
USA Vala Supply
Oceania Switchkeys

I'll update you guys with prices and all the fuzz when I can get all the info 👽

PS: here's the packaging concept GMK Avanguardia Packaging

About the set

I partnered up with my friend and designer Johnnymalandra and came up with the idea of GMK Avanguardia: I chose an Italian word that, as you can guess corresponds to Avant-guard or Vanguard, referring to all those extreme, daring, and innovative artists with a futuristic sight capable of anticipating their times.

I have seen that sets featuring themes related to modern pop culture have always been appreciated, so I thought, why not pay respect to a great artist who influenced it the most in shapes and colors. More than content, this set draws its inspiration from Kandinsky's words:

Art goes beyond the limits in which time would like to compress it and indicates the content in the future

The Color Palette Palette

We especially referred to Vasilij Vasil’evič Kandinskij and this painting to get the inspiration for the novelties: Painting

We wanted to give our concept a more personal interpretation by using a palette oriented towards the tech world and so the result is down here!

I would like to thank all my friends from the ClickyClackClub Italian community for the support they showed me and Johnnymalandra for the awesome artworks!


GMK Avanguardia Minimalistico
GMK Avanguardia Figure e Forme
GMK Avanguardia Alternativo
GMK Avanguardia Milleottocento
GMK Avanguardia Striscia
GMK Avanguardia 40Per100
GMK Avanguardia Linee


GMK Avanguardia Mousepad Dark
GMK Avanguardia Mousepad Light

Rama M60

GMK Avanguardia Rama M60
GMK Avanguardia Rama M60

Keebwerk Mega

GMK Avanguardia Keebwerk Mega
GMK Avanguardia Keebwerk Mega
GMK Avanguardia Keebwerk Mega

Rama U80

GMK Avanguardia Rama U80

TGR Alice

GMK Avanguardia TGR Alice


GMK Avanguardia Melody65

TGR 910

GMK Avanguardia TGR 910


GMK Avanguardia Alpine65
GMK Avanguardia Alpine65


GMK Avanguardia Iris