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November 09, 2020 1 minute read copy link to this article

GMK Avanguardia GB date is here!

Finally, after months of iterations, I can announce a GB date: 15th December - 15th January. Right now I and the proxies involved are setting up prices and organizing everything for the launch. I'm glad to announce a collaboration with Artkey for a good looking artisan AND more to come in the next days (I hope).

Another big update is that I reached out Switchkeys and Vala Supply, so I'm happy to say we have Oceania and US proxies!

Proxy Recap

Region Vendor
Europe Candykeys
Asia iLumkb
Canada Deskhero
USA Vala Supply
Oceania Switchkeys

As you may saw on my Instagram page (follow me for updates) I've made a packaging concept too:

GMK Avanguardia Packaging

What else? I'm working hard to make this GB as perfect as possible. More news for other collaborations will come soon™, until then I would like to thank you all for the great support: this GB is possible only cause of you guys!

PS: you've may notice that there's a new section on the website (Updats). I'll try to post updates on my GBs and new projects here, so the news is more easily sharable on the web!

You can join my discord server and the Italian community discord server by clicking those links! These are the places where I'm most active so if you've questions, just join 😁

Peace out!

November 08, 2020 1 minute read copy link to this article

New Website section and changes

Hey boys, I've made an Updates section where you'll find all the changelogs and info about the projects I follow.

About the website changes:

  • Polished the design so it's better looking;
  • Changes to the Theme generator: now I only use 4 colors plus foreground and backgrounds from the base16 themes you can pick
  • Images should have smaller sizes now but I'm not entirely sure. Got to investigate more.


  • A bot to post updates to the Discord Server
  • A small sidebar changelog thing that tracks commits and improvements, maybe.